Monday, April 1, 2013


Emmett had his Cardiology appointment this morning. It went really well! :) I was very impressed with how well Emmett did. He had a limited echo done and he did really great, we brought a movie and he just laid there and watched the movie. The echo showed that he has mild leakage from his Aortic valve and Mitral valve. Dr. Su said that they are not going to do anything to the Artial Septum, they are going to leave it alone for now. They are using the Atrial Septum for better blood flow and if the Mitral Valve's function ever slowed down then the atrial septum would still let the blood flow where it needs to go. He also said that they probably wont have to do anything surgical wise until he's older and that will depend on the leakage that he is having. And the most exciting news, wait for it..................... We don't have to go back for a YEAR!

Easter Sunday

Checkout what the Easter Bunny dropped off!

 Morgan said a couple of days before Easter; "I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't poop in our house!" 

Easter morning she looked at it and said; "The Easter Bunny pooped chocolate chip. Emmett don't eat it. It looks like chocolate chips, but it will taste like poop!"

Dinner and Easter egg hunt at Grandma Jennie's and Grandpa Ron's!

 Cute little munchkin!

 Morgan and Marshall 

Cute little dude!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Perry Easter Egg Hunt

We had our Traditional Perry family Easter Party today!
 Emmett started taking a few steps a couple of weeks ago. He was having a great time!
I just love this little guy!

 I love this girl!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Follow Up Neurology

Emmett had his follow up appointment with the neurologist today. Went over the results of the EEG that was done on the 15th, the results came back normal. Because it showed normal results it doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't seizures that Emmett was having. The neurologist is still thinking 50/50% chance that it is seizures. We just need to keep watching Emmett and if he has anymore episodes then they will put him on some seizure medication. We are grateful for the the test results coming back normal.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Early Intervention

The occupational therapist from early intervention came today to evaluate Emmett. He did such a great job and was having fun with everything. When the therapist walked in Emmett said: "Here to help Emmett walk?" The OT said for walking he is at a 12-18 month age range, but everything else he is right where he needs to be.